Services I Provide

I provide gentle and professional support to the mother and her family
throughout the childbearing years.

I walk through with you in preparation for the birth you want. I am at your side
during the labor. I assist you to breast feed the baby for the first time. I visit
and call you until you feel comfortable to be on your own. Even after that, I
am just a phone call / email away.  I am always here to help you, guide you,
or just listen & hold you when you need a mother.

All my services need a reservation and are done in a private setting.
For my Birth Training and Doula services, I am taking 2 ~ 3 couples per
month. I am usually booked for the next 6 months. Please contact me during
your first trimester, sooner the better :) You can also come for a preconception
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Preconception Counseling
Prenatal Care & Childbirth Education
Birth Training & Doula Service
Breastfeeding Support
Newborn Coaching
Baby Massage & Allergy Care